(7 April 2013) Note to visitors to the booth...

We would like to once again thank visitors to the booth, as well as those who had attended the sharing sessions.

For participants who attended the sharing sessions and those who are keen to learn more about the projects, you may find the materials shared at the respective tabs in this blog.

For visitors who are interested to find out more about SST, you may find the following useful:

Our Showcase

  • The FS@SG Programme Research Initiatives, in collaboration with the National Institute of Education, Learning Sciences Lab
    • Booth exhibition: 
      • CN-ECT for Maths (with Technology Partner: Texas Instruments)
      • Collaborative Science Inquiry (WiMVT for Science)
    • Sharing Sessions: 
      • 5 April 2013 (Friday) 2 pm to 3.15 pm: Mobile Learning
      • 6 April 2013 (Saturday) 2 pm to 3.15 pm: CN-ECT for Maths
  • The FS@SG Programme Application Development Project with TokTol, our Technology Partner
    • Booth exhibition: Preview of Platform
  • Digital Citizenship Programme 
    • Seminar: Segment in "Raising a 21st Century Child in the Digital Age"
      • 6 April 2013 (Saturday) 2 pm to 3.15 pm

5 April 2013 (Sharing: Educators) Fostering Critical Thinking Skills and In-situ Knowledge Building through Mobile Learning

Presented by Mr James Koh Peng Huat, Ms Teo Yi Leng Evelyn and Ms Kassandra Lim Lay Han

This project is one of the 4 research initiatives that SST embarks for the FS@SG programme. It aims to examine the affordances of 1-to-1 mobile technologies that support and enable pervasive knowledge building beyond the four walls of the classroom.

The advent and advances of mobile computing and social networking have made possible the continuity of the learning experience and collaboration across different contexts on a seamless learning platform. Thus, the design of learning scenarios to help students develop critical thinking and collaborative meaning-making skills forms one of the fundamental objectives of this research project. Research has been conducted on learning activities that use mobile technologies to reinforce learning by bridging the gap between theory and the real world observation; where students are able to directly and physically explore our world for in-situ knowledge building.

Through the demonstration and hands-on with the mobile learning platform developed, participants will get to experience how the lesson unfolds through three stages (Prior-to-trail, On-site, Back-in-Class). We would also share with you findings from implementations carried out to-date.

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6 April 2013 (Sharing: Public) CN-ECT for Mathematics - Fostering 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills in a Networked Collaborative Environment

Presented by Mr Thomas Yeo Chean Hiang and Mr Nur Johari Bin Salleh

CN-ECT for Maths is one of the research initiatives of the FutureSchools@Singapore programme in SST. It focuses on fostering students’ critical thinking and deepening conceptual understanding of Mathematics in a networked collaborative environment. Teacher presenters will discuss how the pedagogical approach and assessment have helped students to develop and demonstrate some of these skills.

Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, participants will experience the pedagogy that is woven into learning activities within a collaborative, networked environment. Participants will get to interact and hear from students who are exposed to this approach in their Maths lessons. Teacher presenters will also share their learning points when designing and implementing such lessons, and how this innovation in teaching has enhanced their insights of students’ learning.

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6 April 2013 (Sharing: Public) Digital Citizenship: Raising a 21st Century Child in the Digital Age

Presented by the SST CyberWellness Ambassadors, under the guidance of Mr Nur Johari Bin Salleh

In this seminar, the SST CyberWellness ambassadors will share with participants the strategic mission that the team promotes in the SST student community - moral character development in real and virtual world. The team will talk about cyber issues as well as cyber challenges from the perspectives of digital natives. It will discuss the 4Rs approach in self-awareness and self-management that is pervasively used in SST.

Note: This is one of the segments for the Seminar: Raising a 21st Century Child in the Digital Age

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Booth Showcase: FS@SG Application Development - SAILING... Chemistry

In November 2012, SST and ToKToL embarked on a collaboration project to develop an online diagnostic assessment and learning platform for the O-level Chemistry syllabus. The platform allows teachers to get detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and of the class as a whole. In addition, teachers can assign content from the syllabus for individual learning.

Click HERE to find out what the how student learns with the platform and how the system works.

Booth Showcase: FS@SG Research Programme - Collaborative Science Inquiry

Collaborative Science Inquiry (CSI), which was previously known as WiMVT is one of the 4 research initiatives that SST embarks for the FS@SG programme. The project seeks to develop a web-based learning environment that combines inquiry, modelling and visualization practices to support student science learning in a collaborative manner. The platform is developed to support students to conduct collaborative inquiries anytime and anywhere.

Coupled with pedagogy, students who learnt through this platform should...

  • be more  aware of his/her learning progress using metacognitive scaffolds 
  • understand the curricular content, along with appreciation of the dynamic and complex nature of the natural phenomena 
  • develop critical thinking skills, such as planning, analysing, synthesizing, and evaluating, and collaboration skills. 
  • develop self-directed and collaborative learning habits and skills

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